Palm Trees in the Snow by Luz Gabas

Palmtreesinthe snow

Palm Trees in the Snow by Luz Gabas has been the best book I have read so far in 2017. I read it back in January and it still resonates with me. There are two stories woven together of current and past that create so many feelings that I could not put it down.

There is, first, the opening story of Clarence, a young woman at odds with her life.she discovers part of an intriguing letter written by either her father Jacobo or her Uncle Killian. After sharing the contents with a friend close to her father and uncle, Clarence embarks on a journey to uncover the truth behind the letter. Her journey takes her to a formerly great cocoa plantation on an island off Africa where Spaniards once colonized.

Second, is the story of Killian and Jacobo on the plantation and of their differing notions of life there. Jacobo sees it as a way to work and send money back to family in Spain. Killian, on the other hand, develops a deepening love for the people and culture and a passion for a particular off-limits woman.

The way that these two stories of Clarence and her uncle and father is what truly gives Palm Trees in the Snow it’s life blood. Both stories tell of harrowing live and experiences of fear, anguish and of the unveiling of truth. It is truly a novel well worth reading.

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