OK so I am in love with anything by Megan Crane.

Honestly, I have loved all the books I have read by Megan Crane beginning with A Game of Brides three years ago. And then there’s Once More with Feeling and I love the 80’s which I also adored. I knew this would be another favorite and it is! Megan writes a wonderful story no matter the plotline, a story full of great words to describe the feelings, the settings, and the emotions that all combine to make something so worth the time it takes to read.

Yeah, it’s a romance but it’s a really good romance. I love stories that talk from the guy’s perspective when he is the one that finds himself in an internal quandary. This is true of Cody who has never seen the future with any woman but when he meets Skylar all those notions of having no permanent woman take a hike. He is drawn to her as never before and as never again. She, however, has been living a non-life as the widowed fiancé of what everyone described as the perfect man for her. She is truly not living at all-until she meets Cody. In her mind, he has brought her back to life and she welcomes the breath he brings to her, if only for a little while and she’s fine with that. He’s not. He’ll find her and bring her back. Period.


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