The Scars between Us

the scars between us

Wow! And, Wow! again. There is so much to this book that I was engrossed by page one. Just the magnitude of the burden of information one character, Aiden, knows and carries is tremendous. And, you never know when he is going to drop another bomb.

Emma is mourning the death of her mother who has requested Emma find Aiden. This is the first time Emma has ever heard of Aiden and armed with an address, tracks him down in Oregon at a dog sanctuary. He is not what Emma thought he would be. Instead of being a man her mother’s age, Aiden is not much older than she and very intimidating. Her mission is to tell him about her mother’s passing and then to travel to Texas to release her ashes. Again, Emma has no clue as to why Texas.

Things in Emma’s life are not the best and mainly up in the air. She reluctantly agrees to allow Aiden to travel with her and an adventure plus relationship begins. If you don’t like steamy scenes, try to pass over them as the story itself is so worthwhile.

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