Summer of Good Intentions

summer of good intentions

What a wonderful book filled with a lifetime of events unfolding over one month in July at the family vacation home on Cape Cod. Three sister are all dealing with their own inner problems, each struggling to find sense in it all.

Maggie, the oldest of twins, has a full life with her loving husband and young but growing children. In her heart she is beginning to long for the days when her kids needed her at every moment. She is contemplating a big move but must tell and then convince her husband.
Jess has a horrible secret she needs to tell her husband. But, telling will likely end her marriage even though she has felt the ever growing chasm that exists between her and her husband. She does not know if they can ever return to the life and love they shared.
Virgie is fleeing a stressful job to vacation where life always felt safe. Leaving behind a man she has barely dated has left her longing for his presence but she feels it is too early in the relationship to introduce him to the craziness of her family. It soon becomes apparent to her that she needs him close but is hesitant to pursue it. It is he who takes matters into his own hands and comes to her side when she needs him most.
Tragedy occurs more than the family feels it can bear but in the end, they are drawn closer together because of it.

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