Close Enough to Touch

close enough to touch

This is a novel I thoroughly enjoyed because of the intersection of the characters and their interactions. It is a novel not so much about one character but about three adults and a young boy. Each one has a demon to face that has caused or is causing turmoil and strife.

Jubilee has a genetic defect that has caused her to be extremely allergic to human touch and skin cells. She swells up immediately and goes into anaphylactic shock. Eric is desperately trying to connect with his adopted son, Aja, and to re-establish a relationship with his teen daughter, Ellie. Madison has known Jubilee since high school and is part of the reason Jubilee became agoraphobic.

The three trisect when Madison gets Jubilee a job at the library and she meets Eric and Aja. Later Jubilee saves Aja’s life while almost losing hers in the process. Madison convinces Jubilee to seek further medical attention for her disorder. Jubilee is then faced with the possibility that she could be cured but is scared of the results-either success or failure.

I love how Jubilee overcomes so much fear, fear that has the capability of crippling her at every turn. Yet she persists to face them and learns so much more than the books she has read can relate. It is painful at times to read about her naïveté when it comes to relationships with both men and women. She is taken on what feels like a joyride by Madison who has her own motives (and not pure ones at that). The relationship that builds with Eric is hopeful and, again, confusing.

This is truly a captivating novel that has so many event driven twists that maintain your interest.

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