Return to your Skin

return to your skin

Return to your Skin is a fantastic historical romance set in the past and in modern times, weaving them together to tell a wonderful yet hard story. Past lives and eternal paroises are fulfilled in the lives of Brianda and Corso in the village of Tiles, Spain. Brianda, a successful engineer, begins to experience a terrifying nightmare in which she is the focus of horrifying terror in the past. She suffers progressively worse anxiety until it disrupts her work and life. In an attempt to get away and perhaps find relief, she travels to Tiles to her aunt and uncle’s home. Her Uncle Colau has frightened her since childhood and that has not changed. In Tiles, she meets Neli, a Wiccan practice, and Corso, an intriguing stranger who is rebuilding his ancestor’s home/fortress.

Brianda is desperate to discover the cause of her anxiety and of the nightmares. She begins the arduous task of pulling together the history of one Brianda of Anels-her relative, of a territory-wide war, and of her strange and compulsive desire for Corso.

I found myself immersed not only in the past lives of Brianda and Corso and their romance but also in the richly described history of the land in which they lived. Luz Gabas has definitely excellently researched the times, the dress, the customs, and the atmosphere of Spain in the 1500’s, the frenzy that surrounded the Inquisition and its influence on all of Spain, and the landscape and buildings of that period of history.

This is the second book by Luz Gabas that I have read. I love how she arduously researches the historical material and brings it to life in her stories.

It is a not to miss book!

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