Sunshine is Forever

Sunshine is forever

This is not a light and fluffy book but a serious look into the possible thoughts and feelings of a young teen that is deeply depressed-depressed enough to attempt suicide and haunted so deeply by what is called, “The Incident.” The young teen, Hunter S. Thompson, is sent to live the summer at Camp Sunshine a camp with “specialists” to help deeply depressed youth. To Hunter, it is Camp Suicide because every moment he is there he feels more like he wants to commit suicide. He finds there are unwritten rules of behavior (do not ever ask anyone how they got there), hears dire warnings from counselors to stay away from Corin (a girl also there who he feels is attracted to him), and sees only tall fences surrounding the camp. It is a death sentence in his mind.

Hunter has been to therapy and has taken the drugs but to no end. He feels that no one cares about him, that his parents hate him and wish him dead, and that he deserves to feel as guilty and as beaten as he does. He thinks and feels that sex and losing his virginity will be the cure for his depression and when he meets Corin, he thinks she may be the answer to healing.

If you have ever wondered what might go on in the mind of someone deeply depressed or even thought you might have a clue, this is a good book to read. It is hard to read the thoughts of Hunter. It hurts to read the thoughts of Hunter. It can give you insight into the possible thoughts of those with this type of depression. It will enlighten you.

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