The Red Car

the Red CAr

The Red Car is a journey between the here and now and memories past. Leah lives in New York with her husband, Hans, and life is not really being lived. Both of them are writers but she is the only one who works. It seems like she has simply settled for it until she receives word that a former boss/mentor/friend has died and left her a red sports car. Leah is confused, to say the least, because her boss, Judy, knew how much Leah hated the car. It gave her the creeps every time she rode in it.

Leah is given the flight to San Francisco where the funeral is to be but Hans is not included. In a fit of rage about it, he grabs Leah by the neck. She’s seen his anger before but not to this extreme. His reaction fuels her exit remorseful that he is.

Judy was years prior both a mentor and a friend to Leah. Because of a difference of opinion, Leah quit communicating with Judy. Leah finds that she can hear Judy’s voice in her head giving her advice and opinions while she is in San Francisco. The trip redefines Leah’s life and what it is that she is really missing.

There are some weird quirks in the car itself, the reasons it made Leah uneasy from the start. It will seem as if the car drives Leah instead of the opposite


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