Still Life with Bread Crumbs

Stil Life with Bread crumbs

Life has a strange way of correcting itself if it is allowed to do it. For Rebecca Winter it takes a major shift in her way of life to make change happen. For her, change means redefining her life to include minimal income and loss of recognition for her work. She is no spring chicken and at 60 she finds it difficult to redefine who she is. She has not been a wife for a while but she is still a mother. She is a daughter to her father but not to her dementia affected mother. She is an artist but  has no purposeful subject. Rebecca is a photographer who once had huge renown for her work. She still has fans but has not captured the essence she desires on film in a very long time. Leaving her New York apartment and going to live in a tiny town in a remote cabin changes many aspects of her life.

Rebecca meets Jim Bates when she finds some animal living in her attic. They form a friend relationship and somewhere on the periphery of her mind is love. She also meets Sarah who runs a small tea diner and they become friends, too. It is when she finds rudimentary crosses each with a memento that she finds a subject to photograph that delights her and speaks to her senses. She assumes she knows the meaning behind each memoriam but not really. There is more depth to the meaning than she realizes.

The novel is skillfully written in a way that will engage you until the last sentence.


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