Willoughby Close Series

Kate Hewitt writes delightful books and the Willoughby Close series is entirely that. There are five books in the series all taking place at Willoughby Close-a group of five new homes on the English country estate of Willoughby Close owned by Lady Stokely’s nephew, Henry. She lives there but upon her death, all will transfer back to her brother-in-law, Hugo., who could care less about the property except for the money that can be found in the art, furnishings, house and grounds. Henry comes off as arrogant and unfeeling, even for his aunt. Henry causes tension in the books and in Marry Me at Willoughby Close, his story is told.

A Cotswold Christmas 

What could be a disastrous Christmas vacation to the Cotswold of England for Anna Vere turns into a magical time of healing, of finding herself and of discovering love. Her vacation starts with a flooded B & B, an offer to stay in an incomplete cottage and a handsome, make that too handsome, rescuer who shares an inventive and fun time for Anna.

Meet Me at Willoughby Close

Ellie Matthews is seeking to create a better life for her daughter and herself in Willoughby Close, a small group of new homes in Wynchwood-on-Lea, England. She is leaving behind her intruding parents and sister and the home her husband ran away from  to Australia. She is hopeful her new job and home will bring much needed happiness for both of them.

Dr. Oliver Venables is Ellie’s new boss and he assumed she would be starting work at the university sooner than she was told. Nothing like starting on the wrong foot! But, circumstances will alleviate the initial misunderstanding and Ellie may find more at Willoughby Close than she ever imagined.

Find Me at Willoughby Close

Harriet’s life and all it meant is in shambles. She learns her husband is carrying on with another woman and has serious problems. She is left to pick up the pieces, take care of their three children, maintain a semblance of civility with him and rouse herself from a state of anxiety and stress. She and the children move to Willoughby Close-a huge step-down from the mansion and extravagant living they were all accustomed to living. She does not know if she and her husband will reconcile or what they will do for money. This is a story about a woman who truly finds herself at a time when all seems lost and gains her life back in a newer and better way.

Kiss Me at Willoughby Manor

Loved this story of Ava and Jace! Loved the writing and the content. Ava was widowed by her older by 30 years husband and left virtually nothing. His grown children from his first marriage got everything. She’s left with figuring out what she is going to do now that she’s no longer considered a trophy wife and finds herself renting a cottage at Willoughby Close. When she meets Jace, the groundskeeper, she is taken by him (and he by her) but she feels all wrong about it. Plus, she finds out she’s pregnant! Jace becomes the friend she truly needs to confide in. There is something going on between them in the sir but neither one is ready to admit it and admit to all the baggage they carry.

Marry Me at Willoughby Close

This is the final book in the Willoughby Close set which began with A Cotswold Christmas. It is such a lovely book filled with lovely emotion and sentiment. It might be my favorite of all of them.

This is the story of Alice and Henry and of Lady Willoughby. Henry has been mentioned in the other books and without much to like about him. He comes off as gruff, stuck up and downright mean to the other renters in Willoughby Close. He is the unfeeling nephew to Lady Willoughby or so everyone thinks.

Alice was introduced in book four as a down-on-her luck young woman in need of work and a home. She is lucky to come into the job of caring for the ailing Lady, who doesn’t want to lose her last shred of independence. Alice meets the stodgy, gruff Henry when he comes to his aunt’s home to visit. He was under the impression that Alice was a matronly woman not a young girl.

Alice and Henry develop an uneasy relationship but their love for Lady Willoughby draws them together. Alice dreams about Henry but he is closed off, then close, then closed off again. Not until the very end do you learn if Henry can or will admit he feels for Alice. Even she does not know.

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