Sweet Dreams Baby

Sweet Dreams Baby

If you haven’t read any of Tule Publishing’s Love at the Chocolate Shop series books, you have missed out on some fun reading. Sweet Dreams Baby brings the story of Portia and Austin to the pages. Portia has played a background character in the other books and I was happy to finally read her tale.
A single mother, Portia has been torn by her decision to leave Austin in Seattle before she knew she was pregnant. His rodeo life and her anxiety drove her back to Marietta, Montana, never divulging to anyone who the father is.
Whenever Austin came searching for Portia, he came up empty by her design until she gathers the nerve to contact him. Her letter just says it’s time to talk. finding out about his son ruins all hope of Austin to reunite with Portia, his only love. He and she have many bridges to cross before they can resolve anger, resentment and distrust.

Along Came a Ranger

along came a ranger

I don’t know any cowboys but that doesn’t stop me from reading books about them. Sometimes I get in a cowboy groove and lately this is true. Bear with me!

This book has a little bit of mystery and a lot of confusion that ensue when Ranger Davis McKenna and Stacey Smith (aka Sabrina Noelle) meet at a hotel gym and later get stuck in an elevator. He’s a cowboy and she is so not ever going to date, much less consider, a cowboy. He has other ideas about that and subtly chases her showing her little by little that all cowboys are not created equal.

A huge misunderstanding ruins all his work and drives a wedge between them that will take a sledge hammer to destroy.

Just say, there’s a little girl, a creepy politician, a plan to destroy someone and other things blending into a terrific story.

The Cowboy’s Runaway Bride

Cowboys runaway

This is a charming story involving two seemingly polar opposites pulled together by a strong magnetic pull and fighting it all along the way. It’s written so well that one can feel the strength of dividing forces that must be broken if the relationship is to happen.

In a nutshell, Lizzie learns a horrible truth about her fiancé just moments before her wedding. Taking strength and a cue from her aunt, Lizzie bolts and hides under a tarp in Connor McCall’s truck bed. Connor is on the way back to Honor, TX, his home. Enter the lovable Gramps, matchmaker in disguise, and Connor and Lizzie are thrown together for five days on the range where love and denial flourish.

The Sunshine Sisters

The Sunshine Sisters

I love books by Jane Green. Her characters are well written and whole. Her stories touch you in places, leaving you raw at times, content at others. The Sunshine Sisters is one of those books and a very good novel to escape into.
This is the story of a self-centered, often downright mean, mother making a last effort to reconcile her estranged daughters. The women are as different as sisters can be and they each have had very different relationships with their mother, Ronni, and none of them good.
Nell, the oldest, escaped the turmoil at home by working at a local small farm. This proved to be her saving grace when she found herself pregnant and unwed. Meredith, the middle daughter, fled to college in London and made her home there. Her encounters with Ronni during her life caused Meredith anguish and suffering. Ronni saw her as imperfect because she was not thin and sveldt. Lizzie, the baby,seemed to have been unscathed and spoiled to her sisters.But, Ronni’s constant absence led Lizzie to be a risk taker in life, in work, and in her marriage.
Ronni calls all the women home without divulging why. She is dying and wants the women to assist her in suicide. Her real motive is to give them a chance to be what they once were: connected.

A Cowboy to Keep

a cowboy to keep.jpg

Sometimes it’s just fun to read books about cowboys.

Ali Thibeaux has been on the run-hiding and evading a man who is out to get her and extract his revenge. Hoping beyond hope to meet her half-sister, Olivia, she finally makes her way to Marietta, Montana. She has no plan to reveal herself to Olivia and just wants to finally see and meet her.
Hocking her only prized possession of a valuable camera in order to be able to work and stay in Marietta, she finds it has been sold by a shady pawn dealer before her time was over. An employee of the shop lets Ali know who bought it and wishes her luck.
Adam Wolfe, the buyer, is a man of solitude who is trying to raise his teenage niece and having a very hard time of it. He mistakes Ali as an applicant for a cook/companion for his niece, Cassie, when Ali goes to try and get back her camera.
The deal Adam and Ali make works well for them and for Cassie. That is until Ali’s past catches up to her.

George and Lizzie

george and lizzie

George and Lizzie is an interesting novel to review. There is a lot of ground that is covered that revolves around Lizzie, her high school experiment, and her continued search for the college boyfriend that left her because of it. Both temper and restrain her ability to fully devote herself to her husband, George. She is obsessed with finding the college ex, Jack, who vowed to love her always but left her instead. Even if she was to find Jack, she has not planned what exactly she would do.
Reading snippets about the unaware participants in her experiment are amusing, especially coupled with some of the jobs they later have.

The Memory of Butterflies

The Memory of Butterflies

This book is a tapestry of events that cause it to become undone, showing all the wrong stitches the characters have done and needing major mending. The threads have become deeply ingrained as years pass until one becomes broken and the rest swiftly follow.

Lies of protection have been prevalent in the home hidden away in Cooper’s Hollow. Gran and Grand had created one to protect Hannah and themselves from the outside world of criticism and gossip. Hannah and Gran’s secret is to protect Ellen. They all know that there will be repercussions if and when the secrets are uncovered and revealed. They live in the hope that it will never happen because the reverberations will be too strong to withstand.

The Memory of Butterflies is written in such an engaging, captivating manner, capturing a sense of the Southern way of protecting family whatever the ultimate cost.

The Lawman’s Apache Moon

The Lawman's Apache Moon

OK I read yet another romance. Whatever. I do like them in amongst the suspense, fiction, and young adult stories. This one was really good.

I love the opportunity to read and review books by Debra Holt. Her stories always color a landscape of emotional settings with real feeling emotions and events.
In this story, the sequel to Beware the Ranger (d another great book), US Marshall Jace Blackhawk, finds his match in Angelina Lord, a New York fashion designer. Angelina had gone to New Mexico with her friend, Kaitlyn, to find a new location for her designs. Waylaid by Kaitlyn’s adventure, Angie is finally getting to Santa Fe but with Jace, best friend to Kaitlyn’s new husband, Cody.
On the road to Santa Fe, a strong storm causes Jace and Angie to find a hotel for the night. No problem there but there is only one room available-the Honeymoon Suite. A case of mistaken honor leads them to a quickie marriage of convenience.
You really have to read the novel to get the full story about the marriage circumstances and where it all leads for Angie and Jace. The story is fraught with personal complications, past hardships and self-imposed walls. It is truly a lovely romance.

Seeing Red

seeing red

Sandra Brown writes great suspense and Seeing Red is not a disappointment. There are layers of deceit enough to make you wonder if anyone is honest at all or if everyone is lying and hiding something.
Kerra Bailey is a local Dallas reporter who writes feature stories. She has been doggedly seeking an interview with the Major, a man who became a hero by rescuing people from a horrendous hotel explosion. It is coming up on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the event but the major has been in seclusion and grants no interviews.
Kerra interrupts the chaotic, mess of a life of the Major’s only son, John Trapper, to request his intervention. Trapper and his father have been estranged for three years and he very reluctantly and unwillingly takes Kerra to plead her case. He has no idea why his father grants an interview but he does.
From the point of the interview on, things get messy and ugly. People aren’t who they proclaim to be and you honestly don’t know who to trust. It makes for great reading!

Any Dream Will Do

any dream will do

I have read many of Debbie Macomber’s books and thoroughly loved them but this one I could take or leave. The subject of redemption and of making a new start is a great one but I felt the novel was almost too preachy for me. It is well written but, for me, reads more for a person who has faith already and is looking for a feel good story.
Shay is left on the doorstep of a SEattle church by the bus that has brought her out of prison and back into the world. She is cold, hungry and broke with no job, home, or money. She wanders into the church because it is warm and open. There she meets Drew, the young pastor. He is struggling with his faith and his life since her lost his wife. He ends up being the answer to Shay’s immediate problems but finding her housing and getting her into a job/housing program.
Shay has many battles ahead of her in adjusting to life and in finding trust in anyone. She shows strong inner character and a will to succeed. Things are going well until her drug addict brother returns and everything begins to fall apart once again for Shay.