At Wave’s End

at waves end

This is a novel about personal discovery and of the enduring human spirit in times of need. It takes place on the Jersey shore in the aftermath of a powerful hurricane. The hurricane almost completely decimates the small beach town of Wave’s End. The center of the story is an aging bed and breakfast, The Mermaid’s Purse and the struggling inhabitants.
Behind each person is its own story. Faith, a professional chef is desperate to keep her mother Connie from falling into yet another scam. Connis believes that winning The Mermaid’s Purse in a contest is the answer to all she has ever needed in life. Maev is the aging owner of the Mermaid’s Purse fulfilling the history of finding the next, perfect owner.
After the hurricane, the bed and breakfast open its doors to displaced residents of Waves End. Roxanne and her son Gage are fleeing a ugly separation from her husband. Fred and Mona have been left homeless. Mona suffers from Alzheimer’s and Fred is lost in his devotion to her even with her increasingly challenging symptoms. David is a restaurant owner who has lost his business. Ellie, Faith’s pregnant best friend, comes to the bead and breakfast torn by her perceived wandering fiance.
These lives cross and parallel building sturdy relationships that display the deeply seated desire to reach beyond ones’ self and one’s own troubles in order to offer assistance, care and, ultimately, love to each other.

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