Seeds of Intention

Seeds of Intention

At first, I thought this would be a suspense novel because of the title but I was way wrong.

A Tennessee setting of a luxurious get away venue focusing on the story of Garrett and Willow creates an easy to read, flowing novel. There are almost but not quite too many events happening throughout the story. Fortunately, the events unfold over time but feel closer together. All so work, ultimately, for the building of Garrett and Willow’s relationship but each interjection slows the process.
Garrett is the new caretaker/farmer for the venue’s heirloom vegetable ranch. His love of the land comes from being raised on his uncle’s farm in Washington and from his university degrees. He is ready to propose to Lindsay but she abruptly ends the relationship. His heart is broken, still, he cannot phantom how he could be so drawn to Willow so soon.
Willow has come to the venue to take over management while caring for her ailing father. She is smitten by Garrett but knows a boss/employee relationship is not what she wants to undertake, especially when she is new on the job.
Fate has its way with the two of them and fighting it becomes harder and harder.

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