Summer in San Remo

summer in San remo

After reading two psychological thrillers one after the other, I was so happy to sink into this very funny novel.

This is a funny, cute easy to read book about taking a chance. Cassie owns a concierge service that provides “goods and services ” to those who don’t have their own resources or the time. She and co-owner, Bene, have sunk everything into the business. But, a guy Cassie was dating ans quite serious about, scammed them and took all their money. They are about to lose it all until a strange and lucrative offer comes to them. All Cassie has to do is pick up and deliver an envelope. She doesn’t think about questioning what could be in the envelope because the money has her so relieved to be in the black again.
Enter Cassie’s old flame, Jake, now a multimillionaire, who finagles a way to escort Cassie in her mission to deliver the envelope. Things take a funny turn and it ends up with the two of them seeking out the illusive man that engaged Cassie. There is a lot of humor in the telling of this story and I laughed out loud often. Thoroughly enjoyable!

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