The Accident

the Accident

This is a crazy, psychological thriller! A ghastly mistake, followed by another start a series of chilling repercussions that mad my skin crawl. Things keep getting more and more worse that it begins to feel like there will be no end or who will reap the final consequences.
David finally has the life he has only dreamed about: a beautiful wife and a soon to be completed dream house. It all begins to unravel when he witnesses his wife leaving the uncompleted house after a tryst with her former boyfriend, Ryan, now their contractor. David makes a terrible decision to confront Ryan who falls out an unprotected window two stories to the patio. Next thing David knows, he’s struck his head and wakes up the next morning-Ryan’s body is gone and looks to be buried under their patio.
The story begins a wicked series of twists and turns from murder to blackmail, growing darker and darker with each page. You don’t know what is going to happen until it is right in front of you. Crazy good if your mind can handle it!

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