The Future She Left Behind

the future she left behind

I really enjoyed this sweet story about a woman finding herself again after her unfaithful husband files for divorce, puts their house on the market, and tells her she’ll be fine. Plus, he’s saddled her with his mother, a critical, overbearing witch. There are some pretty funny scenes-especially the one with the older ladies and the brownies that will make you laugh.
Katelyn thinks all is well in her marriage until her cheating husband drops the divorce bomb. She looks at her life and decides to go back to her home in Little Springs, Texas, a place she never wanted to go back to again. She has lost herself in the life she had, raising twins and a husband. Along the way, she also lost her art, the very thing that drove her away from Texas and was her lifelong dream. On a whim, she decides to let her cranky, critical mother-in-law, Shirley, accompany her on the long road trip.
Life for both the women changes drastically. Shirley finds friends in Birdie, Katelyn’s mother, and in Birdie’s unassuming group of friends. They think Shirley is a hoot! Plus she meets Vern, a widowed pastor who has on a leave of absence from his church since his wife died. Their match is adorable.
Katelyn runs into the boy she left behind, Jackson, and knows there is still something between them. Both of them are hesitant to pursue anything because of their own baggage and the future, if Katelyn leaves again.
All three women, including Birdie, find their inner self in ways they never would have imagined.

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