The Good Sister

the good sister

This was the second thriller that I read and Whoa boy! This novel is a deeply scary and chilling psychological thriller that made my nerves buzz with tension.
The Good Sister is a riveting story that draws you in and grabs you by the neck and holds you. Two half-sisters, unknown to each other, encounter each other when their father dies. They learn that they were born just days apart and that their father has led a double life, keeping each family a deep dark secret from one of the mothers. The women look eerily similar and have lived almost parallel lives as the stories and events their father took each of them on were the same, including his Viking stories that wove their way into each girl’s life. Josie is an even keel, stable woman with a steady job and long term boyfriend. Her mother was married to the father, Jerry. Valentina is a dark, unstable, undisciplined woman. She weaves a web around Josie destroying Josie’s life with lies and with pulling her into uncharacteristic situations. Valentina’s destruction wreaks havoc until the terrifying end.

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