Any Dream Will Do

any dream will do

I have read many of Debbie Macomber’s books and thoroughly loved them but this one I could take or leave. The subject of redemption and of making a new start is a great one but I felt the novel was almost too preachy for me. It is well written but, for me, reads more for a person who has faith already and is looking for a feel good story.
Shay is left on the doorstep of a SEattle church by the bus that has brought her out of prison and back into the world. She is cold, hungry and broke with no job, home, or money. She wanders into the church because it is warm and open. There she meets Drew, the young pastor. He is struggling with his faith and his life since her lost his wife. He ends up being the answer to Shay’s immediate problems but finding her housing and getting her into a job/housing program.
Shay has many battles ahead of her in adjusting to life and in finding trust in anyone. She shows strong inner character and a will to succeed. Things are going well until her drug addict brother returns and everything begins to fall apart once again for Shay.

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