Seeing Red

seeing red

Sandra Brown writes great suspense and Seeing Red is not a disappointment. There are layers of deceit enough to make you wonder if anyone is honest at all or if everyone is lying and hiding something.
Kerra Bailey is a local Dallas reporter who writes feature stories. She has been doggedly seeking an interview with the Major, a man who became a hero by rescuing people from a horrendous hotel explosion. It is coming up on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the event but the major has been in seclusion and grants no interviews.
Kerra interrupts the chaotic, mess of a life of the Major’s only son, John Trapper, to request his intervention. Trapper and his father have been estranged for three years and he very reluctantly and unwillingly takes Kerra to plead her case. He has no idea why his father grants an interview but he does.
From the point of the interview on, things get messy and ugly. People aren’t who they proclaim to be and you honestly don’t know who to trust. It makes for great reading!

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