The Lawman’s Apache Moon

The Lawman's Apache Moon

OK I read yet another romance. Whatever. I do like them in amongst the suspense, fiction, and young adult stories. This one was really good.

I love the opportunity to read and review books by Debra Holt. Her stories always color a landscape of emotional settings with real feeling emotions and events.
In this story, the sequel to Beware the Ranger (d another great book), US Marshall Jace Blackhawk, finds his match in Angelina Lord, a New York fashion designer. Angelina had gone to New Mexico with her friend, Kaitlyn, to find a new location for her designs. Waylaid by Kaitlyn’s adventure, Angie is finally getting to Santa Fe but with Jace, best friend to Kaitlyn’s new husband, Cody.
On the road to Santa Fe, a strong storm causes Jace and Angie to find a hotel for the night. No problem there but there is only one room available-the Honeymoon Suite. A case of mistaken honor leads them to a quickie marriage of convenience.
You really have to read the novel to get the full story about the marriage circumstances and where it all leads for Angie and Jace. The story is fraught with personal complications, past hardships and self-imposed walls. It is truly a lovely romance.

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