A Cowboy to Keep

a cowboy to keep.jpg

Sometimes it’s just fun to read books about cowboys.

Ali Thibeaux has been on the run-hiding and evading a man who is out to get her and extract his revenge. Hoping beyond hope to meet her half-sister, Olivia, she finally makes her way to Marietta, Montana. She has no plan to reveal herself to Olivia and just wants to finally see and meet her.
Hocking her only prized possession of a valuable camera in order to be able to work and stay in Marietta, she finds it has been sold by a shady pawn dealer before her time was over. An employee of the shop lets Ali know who bought it and wishes her luck.
Adam Wolfe, the buyer, is a man of solitude who is trying to raise his teenage niece and having a very hard time of it. He mistakes Ali as an applicant for a cook/companion for his niece, Cassie, when Ali goes to try and get back her camera.
The deal Adam and Ali make works well for them and for Cassie. That is until Ali’s past catches up to her.

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