The Sunshine Sisters

The Sunshine Sisters

I love books by Jane Green. Her characters are well written and whole. Her stories touch you in places, leaving you raw at times, content at others. The Sunshine Sisters is one of those books and a very good novel to escape into.
This is the story of a self-centered, often downright mean, mother making a last effort to reconcile her estranged daughters. The women are as different as sisters can be and they each have had very different relationships with their mother, Ronni, and none of them good.
Nell, the oldest, escaped the turmoil at home by working at a local small farm. This proved to be her saving grace when she found herself pregnant and unwed. Meredith, the middle daughter, fled to college in London and made her home there. Her encounters with Ronni during her life caused Meredith anguish and suffering. Ronni saw her as imperfect because she was not thin and sveldt. Lizzie, the baby,seemed to have been unscathed and spoiled to her sisters.But, Ronni’s constant absence led Lizzie to be a risk taker in life, in work, and in her marriage.
Ronni calls all the women home without divulging why. She is dying and wants the women to assist her in suicide. Her real motive is to give them a chance to be what they once were: connected.

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