Along Came a Ranger

along came a ranger

I don’t know any cowboys but that doesn’t stop me from reading books about them. Sometimes I get in a cowboy groove and lately this is true. Bear with me!

This book has a little bit of mystery and a lot of confusion that ensue when Ranger Davis McKenna and Stacey Smith (aka Sabrina Noelle) meet at a hotel gym and later get stuck in an elevator. He’s a cowboy and she is so not ever going to date, much less consider, a cowboy. He has other ideas about that and subtly chases her showing her little by little that all cowboys are not created equal.

A huge misunderstanding ruins all his work and drives a wedge between them that will take a sledge hammer to destroy.

Just say, there’s a little girl, a creepy politician, a plan to destroy someone and other things blending into a terrific story.

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