Hot Touch

Hot touch

This is a reissue of an earlier book by Deborah Smith that I had never read. No matter how old the book, if it’s by her, it will be captivating, engaging and inspired. Every word, every sentence draws the reader deeply into a compelling story filled with emotion.

Hot Touch is such a story. A woman who detests her heritage is called to work in the heart of what she hates. Caroline Fitzsimmons is an animal trainer gifted at reaching animal actors when all else fails. Deep in the Cajun country of Louisiana is a wolf that won’t cooperate with his owner, Paul Belue. He’s never encountered such behavior from Wolf and believes no outside trainer can do anything. Caroline is not an average trainer Paul soon learns. Plus, there is something more present drawing them together, even as Caroline fights it.

The story artfully unfolds as the tenuous relationship grows. Caroline is hiding the truth of her hatred of all things Cajun and of her unique gift. Paul is determined to uncover the why’s.

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