Novels by Catherine Coulter draw you into the story in the first chapters and hold you there, spellbound and filled with suspense until the last word. Enigma is right there with captivating stories that drive the novel to the end.

One story is of the actions of an escaped convict with blackmail and freedom as motivations. Manta Ray was convicted of bank robbery. He managed to hide the contents of the safe deposit box he took and when his successful escape happens, he puts into motion his plans to get rid of any person in his way to money and freedom.

In the second parallel story, a baby has been kidnapped from the hospital after a hostage situation with his mother and a deranged man who is claiming he is only protecting the baby. He ends up in the same hospital as the mother, in a coma. Savich and Sherlock, FBI agents are quick to action to work on uncovering the mystery of the unconscious man and the kidnapped baby.

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