Magnolia Nights

Magnolia Nights

This is a fast paced book, wonderfully written to convey the emotions of the characters in true form

Charleston, SC is the setting in this mystery/romance of a woman seeking answers to lost memories, memories that have plagued her for decades. Ellie has only fragmented and horrible memories of her early childhood fraught with the recall of a tyrannical grandmother and a sickly mother. The only saving grace is a loving housekeeper who managed to inject some love and warmth into Ellie’s lost, lonely existence.

When Ellie is notified that she has inherited the estate of her wretched grandmother in Charleston, she travels back there and back into a time of lost memories, of before she was sent to live with a father she did not know existed. There is a horribly wrong story in Ellie’s past that she bravely seeks to learn.

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