Not in Her Wildest Dreams

Not in Her Wildest Dreams

I loved this book because of the many layers to each character’s story that are interrelated and spun together to make a whole picture.

Sterling and Paige are at the center of a journey to pull together their respective family’s joint business problems both to their chagrin. They have a hard history together that has constructed an impenetrable wall around each of them. Working together is not going to be easy or amiable. They are jolted by family secrets that randomly appear and are purposely thrown in their paths. Underneath is all is a current of love that could have been and might just still be if only it was allowed to surface and ride above the river of doubts and hurt.

I found myself loving both Paige and Sterling as they worked toward each other, are torn apart and start back again. There is so much hidden to be uncovered as the whole story progresses that to keep reading is a must.

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