Then Came You

Just Came You

Then Came you is such a moving book. There is struggle on each of the main character’s sides, struggles of insecurity and doubt for personal reasons.

Mia and her nephew Ben moved to Compass Cove to live with her Nana. She wants to provide a better and more secure home for Ben in a small town. She has been unfairly criticized by her mother her entire life and is haunted by never living up to her mother’s ideal.

Adam Miller is an ex-NFL player and a formerly reckless playboy. He coaches football at the local college where Mia works. After a horrific car crash, Adam straightened up and is remaking his whole life. He is haunted by his past and wonders if anyone will forget how he was and accept how he is now.

When Adam and Mia meet, there is an instant chemistry. Mia has trouble believing Adam could even care about her and Ben. He feels like he’ll fail both her and Ben. But, Mia is changing and finally growing secure in herself and can only hope Adam will stay around. Adam is in the same boat-hoping Mia will stay and see him in his new light.

I look forward to the next book in the series to see who is next to find true north in Compass Cove.

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