Mind Game

mind game

This is an interesting book but a rather slow read. I honestly left it at times to pursue other books only to pick it up and read some more chapters. It contains a considerable amount of reference to previous novels with the same characters that I was not familiar with as of yet. At times, the book was very slow paced then amp up only to slow back down again.

There is a paranormal theme of thought transference, blood slowing/speeding, and mind manipulation for empathy or for harm. It takes place mainly in Scotland on a fog shrouded lake where characters from a previous novel are trying to uncover a hidden cache of treasure. Amid this setting, a paranormal thought/blood manipulator, Caleb, is desperately trying to free his sister from harm and learn what evil hides behind her abduction. He needs the help of Jane who is able to communicate telepathically with Lisa, Caleb’s sister. There is a strong attraction between Jane and Caleb that they both forcefully resist that cannot and will not be denied.

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