The Husband Hour

The Husband Hour

This book is so well written, extremely engaging and one that I could not put down. The story is seamlessly written blending all the emotion attached to each character into a perfect mix. There are secrets that are being held onto on so many levels and the disclosure solidifies the plot.

Rory Kincaid was a professional hockey player who left the NHL to join the Army Rangers. His death in the service created a media spectacular and drove his bereft wife, Lauren, into seclusion. aShe has become a recluse, shunning any and all media limelight and lives in her family vacation home on the Jersey Shore.

Her idyllic life explodes when three things collide: her parent’s financial/marriage problems; her sister’s impending divorce; and a documentary being made about Rory. Her parents, her sister and son, and the documentary film maker all descend on her quiet life in one fell swoop.

Matt Brio has been working on his documentary since Rory’s death. He only needs Lauren’s interview to finalize the deal. She is reluctant but outside forces push her into agreeing. A curious interest in Matt and a spark in her heart pave the way for a could be relationship. But, when secrets are revealed, Lauren wishes she could return to her former peaceful normal.

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