Here We Lie

Here We Lie

This is such a compelling novel that digs deep into the obstructions and barriers created when a family member goes to extremes to protect the reputation of her family. The dialog will make you gasp at the audacity of her and leave you wondering if the truth will ever come out. Friendships are destroyed. Trust is broken. Lies are covered and buried until the dam bursts and destroys the illusion of perfection procured by a dominant, overbearing mother.

She’s not There

shes not there


Joy Fielding’s novels are gripping and tightly woven into stories that grab ahold and do not let go until the very end.

This is a chilling and scary novel about a child’s disappearance and the forces that led to it. Excellently written to draw you into the emotional milieu of a mother trying to cope with the maybe’s of a kidnapped child finding her and what if’s if it is real. And the hard discovery of the true story of the child’s disappearance.

Bless her Heart

Bless Her Heart

This is a thoroughly enjoyable read as you follow the trials and tribulations, triumphs and growth of Posey as she experiences life from a much improved perspective.

She is living the shell of a life her preacher come cheater husband has created for her until she discovers his philandering. Off come her blinders to uncover the truth of her life: oppression and lies. Posey decides to turn her back on the religion she so believed and experience the Seven Deadly Sins firsthand. She finds an inner strength long absent and a strong will to really be the person she is.