Sisters like Us


Sisters like Us is an endearing book about the lives of four related women all striving to make sense of everything that is happening in their lives.

Harper, Bunny, Stacey, and Becca: mothers, daughters, sisters and all facing life as it changes and revolves. Harper, divorced with and ex who keeps forgetting he has a daughter while he devotes himself to his younger second wife. Becca is struggling as a withdrawing teen unable to cope with a too busy mother and absent father. Bunny is the critical mother and grandmother who lives in a world where wives did everything to the minute detail, never complaining and never tiring of the work. Stacey is lovingly married to Kit and is desperately afraid of impending motherhood.

The blending of the events and interactions of these women is the driving force for change and for coming to terms with reality as it exists in the here and now.


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