2018 Books!

The Sixth Day


Heart pounding, spellbinding, suspenseful drama unfolds on every age in The Sixth Day. Mayhem erupts at every corner as the story unfolds and will grip the reader until the very end.

If you love a fast-paced, diabolical novel, get this one! It’s Catherine Coulter and JT Ellison ath their finest as FBI agents Nick Drummond and Michaela(MIke) Caine rush to stop a furious demon bent on destroying top leaders in London. Add in the demon’s quest to find a cure for his twin’s hemophilia from an ancient recovered manuscript and there is a whole new level of insanity incorporated.

It is crazy excellent!

It Might Be You


Jennifer Gracen has a special way with stories, characters and ideas. She writes with a flair that captures your heart and mind as you embrace the people and the story and pray for the outcomes.

In It Might Be You, you meet Nick Martell, a Miami cop facing a life altering change: the boy that he is a bone donor match is actually his nephew from a family Nick never knew existed in his life. All sorts of complications, heated emotions and ramifications arise from his new found family.

You also meet Amanda Koslov, nurse to the afflicted boy, Myles. When Nick meets her they both are astounded by the instantaneous chemistry and sparks.

This is a story of their stormy, heated relationship playing against the backdrop of families in crisis.


The Things We Need to Say


Fran and Will are at a crossroad of heavy decisions in their marriage. After losing their premature son a year ago, Fran is finally at a point where she feels she can become the wife Will needs and that they can begin to rebuild the marriage. But when she learns of Will’s betrayal, it all becomes too much to bear again. At the crux of the marriage are expectations long held and never talked about by either of them-topics that dwelled in their minds but never addressed.

Grace leaves Will for a yoga retreat in Spain, long planned, and both of them finally find themselves evaluating the past and present mistakes, possibilities and future. As told from each of their perspectives, it is a lesson in realization and truth that both must face and come to terms with if their marriage is to survive.


Hotel on Shadow Lake


Hotel on Shadow Lake is a compelling mystery set in both current day and in Nazi Germany. It takes a while to figure out the ties to history but once you do, the book becomes riveting and haunting. So much unfolds in the telling of the horrors observed in Nazi Germany coupled with the unbelief of innocent players. Underscoring it all is a romance not meant to be, endearing and sad. As you learns about the connection between Maya, her grandmother, Hans and Ben, you are drawn into a intriguing story never knowing its full implications until the very end.


Before and Again


This is an excellently executed, moving novel which unfolds the story of Maggie Reid and of how her recent past infuses itself into her unsettled present.

Maggie suffered a horrible car accident that took two lives: her five year old daughter’s and the driver of the other car when a moment of distraction changed her life. Resettled, divorced and changing her name, livelihood, and life, Maggie lives in Devon, VT. She has an entire set of friends and acquaintances that know nothing of her past-until real life intervenes and it can no longer be hidden.

This is a stirring novel in which a struggling woman is forces to face the past in order to truly live a future.


Lost in the Beehive


This is a heart wrenching story of a teen girl growing up in the extremely anti-gay 1960s-70s society. It is a gritty, hard tale of the societal opinion that being gay was a choice that could be changed and of the damage incurred by the innocents trapped by their emotions and lack of support. It is not an easy read but a very worthwhile venture into a world where prejudice and fear ruled the day and conformity at all costs was the punishment.


Finding Dreams


Finding Dreams is such a fun novel to read even though there is sadness in some of the scenes but it is over shadowed by all the events and situations also happening. Plus, there’s a dangerous element at work that could blow everything sky high!

Lizzie Greene needs money to survive in her manor/house with her two children after her philandering husband dies and leaves her up to her eyeballs in debt. She goes back to work as a part-time lawyer. Along comes the request form a film company to use her home for a movie set. Little does she know that if her home is accepted, disruptions, calamity, love and thrills will come along with the opportunity.


Spring at Lavender Bay


I thoroughly enjoyed this romantic story about new beginnings and opportunities. There is such charm in the setting on the seaside filled with so many delightful characters.

Beth Reynolds leaves a crummy job in London and moves to Lavender Bay when she inherits a curio/gift shop form Eleanor Bishop a woman who took her in and raised her when her mother married and left to live in Florida. In Lavender Bay, Beth discovers her true self and finds love out of the blue.



The Family Gathering


There is so much going on together to form a very in the pages of The Family Gathering that there really is not one story but several woven together to form a very enjoyable book.

Dakota Jones is finally finding a place to settle after several years in the service and a year in Australia. Sidney is a year into the after effects of a hurtful divorce filled with mistrust. They begin a tenuous relationship in which Dakota treads lightly in order to prove his trustworthiness and trueness.

Sierra Jones and Connie, finally married, find themselves foster parents to a baby boy but adoption maybe marred by his grandmother. Tom Canaday loves Lola and they finally admit the depth of their feelings and decide to marry. But their teen children may throw a wedge in their plans.

Sedona Jones suffers from mental issues and fears it is the same schizophrenia that their (Cal, Dakota, Sedona and her) father has. A family intervention helps but she makes a choice later that might be terribly wrong.

Through the trials and tribulations is Sully, an older friend to all of them and a discerning ear for their troubles.

The First Kiss of Spring

first kiss

Emily March writes simply delightful and enjoyable books that revolve around the people of the fictitious town of Eternity Springs, Colorado. Central to each story is Celeste Blessing who brings wit and wisdom to each situation seemingly weaving a magical spell on it.

In First Kiss of Spring, Josh Tarkington and Caitlin Timberlake meet by chance on a stalled gondola. He has chosen to live a life unencumbered by his troubled newsworthy youth although it follows him and tempers his everyday struggles. Caitlin is returning home to Eternity Springs after finally finding her true calling separate from the constraints and desires of her parents. As they form a relationship, the past for Josh may interrupt and destroy all they have made.

Not That I Could Tell

Not that I

This is an interesting read constructed with rotating perspectives coupled with personal revelations relating the story of a wife and her twins that disappear one day. Each character has her own take on the husband and his possible guilt or innocence. None truly realize the struggles of the wife or the inner turmoil of the family.

There are interesting characters in the book, each with their own stories which definitely add to the plot.


The Great Alone

great alone

There is honestly so much to this book that I really hope to do it justice. It really, for me, boils down to a book on physical and mental survival. On the one hand, there is survival in a beautifully described, desolate terrain and survival of the body against not only the harsh winter but also of physical assault. Mental survival saves some characters and the lack of it destroys another. The rawness of nature plays into the rawness of spirit and of being.

At the core of the story is a floundering family, barely surviving in Washington due to the father’s PTSD from being a Vietnam prisoner of war. Adding to the PTSD is the whole American milieu of anti-war, anti-veterans from a loud and verbal protestation. When Ernt Albright learns he has inherited a cabin and land in remote, untamed Alaska, he packs up his wife Cora and daughter Leni to claim the cabin totally unprepared for the realities that await them yet filled with a hope of finally escaping the torment the resides in him.

It is a story also of Leni’s maturing from a thirteen year old rejected by her peers and finding a place and a person to love in a beautiful but harsh environment. It is Cora and Leni’s resilience fortitude and reliance that drive the book through the horrors they encounter and the hardships that they daily endure.


Now That You Mention It


Oh, my gosh! Even though the premise for the book is not humor, this is one of the most humorous books I have ever read. There are scenes that literally had me laughing out loud and reading them to my husband. I would describe it as delightful, amusing, engaging, captivating-lots of great adjectives for such a terrific read.

Kristan Hannah writes such delightful scenes intermixed with topics that are not funny to the main characters. In Now That You Mention It, after being hit by a van, Dr. Nora Stuart leaves a cheating boyfriend to return to an affectionless home and a sense of being a pariah when she is forced to return to her childhood home on Scrupper Island, ME. Memories of a father who abruptly left, of a sister who had all the looks and friends, and of a childhood spent overweight, introverted and highly intelligent flood her mind and being as she valiantly forges a new, although temporary life on the island.

Throw in the handsome brother of a troubled, vindictive, grudge bearing man (and their mother), a wonderful time sharing dog, a crazy bird, Tweety, and all the other characters who live on the island, and you have the absolute makings for what is a great, great book.




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