Blood and Water

blood and water

Blood may be thicker than water but in Blood and Water, both are proven to be strong indicators of where one’s trust and devotion lie. I was trying to figure this book out until I realized that the title explains it. There are many relationships, both blood and water, that carry the book. The non-relative relationships have more bearing and influence than the blood one with each one struggling to either regain or hold on to its footing.

Delilah and David are sister and brother. He was in college when she was born and each of them relate to a vastly different childhood. For David, it was a drunken father who beat his mother and sometimes, him. For Delilah, it was a charming childhood with no alcohol or beatings. He feels she was the reason his father turned his life around and David resents her-she did what he could not do.

Tim is David’s best friend and living with Sara. She is his love. He is her love. Ally is Delilah’s long friend who is struggling to make life better for her family. When Delilah leaves her home in the northeast to escape her actions, she goes to Tucson to David’s home and life takes a redemptive turn for her and for David but not before she screws up again.

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