Who’s that Girl?

whos that

This is such a witty and intuitive take on the effects of being a curvy girl in a thin world. Many of the descriptions of life as a not size 6 are so on point and painfully funny. The story tells the tale of Samantha (Sam) Preston, curvy girl, aspiring journalist, and her long held crush on the deputy editor of the Chronicle, Dave. Dave does not see Sam as anything more that a capable worker. That is until her world explodes into one of beauty and desirableness when she is entered in a curvy girl beauty pageant by a mysterious man she meets at the pageant’s press time. All the changes made in and to Sam force Dave to really look at her and see not only her work ethic but her inner beauty and outward appearance. Maybe it is all due to a boss imposed moratorium on Dave’s loose dating and newsworthy escapades or maybe it really is Dave growing up and seeing the truth of his behavior. I am not telling which is true and even though he really is a cad, Sam works hard to find her way out of all of this and retain her compass.


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