This is an absolutely fabulous book! The characters come completely alive on the pages-full of so much believable emotions. The writing is beyond superb; one can actually feel the descriptions of the music, of the settings, of the creation of a relationship. I am very much anticipating reading other offerings by Ms. Lauren.

Holland Bakker lives in Manhattan supported by her doting uncles. Her Uncle Robert has a very successful play on Broadway and she works as one of the lowly stage assistants. Holland stumbled upon a street musician, a guitarist, who plays movingly at a subway. Unable to get away from his lilting and beautiful music, she detours by him everyday just to hear him play. She finally gathers the nerve to speak to him after six months. He is Calvin, form Ireland and more handsome that she had imagined.

When her uncle’s play desperately needs a new musical talent to accompany the new lead, Holland mentions Calvin and takes Robert to hear him. Robert offers Calvin the job but Calvin has a huge problem: expired visa. From this point, the story weaves a tale of a relationship based on need woven with a growing, hidden love complicating things at every turn.

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