A Place to Remember


This is a very interesting and sometimes sad novel of love lost, of unfulfilling lives and of the past meeting the present. An incident of life altering proportions couples with a mother who chooses to rewrite history changes the course of life for John Tate and Ava Marchette. Thirty years later, Ava returns to John’s home seeking reassurance that after the incident he led a live filled, abundant life. She learns of his mother’s deception and through an unraveling of hidden memories, tries to jump start John’s lost memories of her and of their love.

Upon learning about her mother’s lost love, Ava’s daughter, Nina, travels to the B & B run by John’s family to figure out her mother’s and John’s past. In the process, she meets John’s son, Blair, and a possible new and true life for her begins. If only the clouds from the past and her omission of her relationship to Ava does not complicate things for no good.

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