Bitter Truth

bitter truth

Bitter Truth is the second in the Bitter Root Mysteries. In this novel, Zak Waller is on the case again. Even though he is not a deputy and is the dispatcher, Zak has intuitive detective skills and deep insight into finding the truth to crimes, often brushed off by the lazy Sheriff. Bitter Truth has two mysteries running parallel and crossing each other at several turns. At the core is the death of Lacy Stillman, matriarch to the Stillman family and very much involved at ninety in the family ranch. Her death comes at a time when her sons have asked her to sell off some property and she has given a definite no to the prospect. Threaded through this story is the health problems of Justin Pittman and his need for a bone marrow donor for his Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and the person of Cora Christensen, former teacher/ruler of the Dewbury Academy and a force to be reckoned with.

The methodical steps Zak takes to solve the mysteries and come to some conclusions about his own life draws you in and keeps you until the end.

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