The Cafe At Seashell Cove


Ironically funny is my best way to describe Café at Seashell Cove. There are misdirected parents who have caused the same for their daughter, complicating her being honest and baring one’s soul. This misdirection causes her parents to maintain a completely false, albeit lovingly, and misguided fronts. Cassie has returned home to Seashell Cove fired from her event coordinator job in London. Because of wanting to appear successful to her parents, she has embellished her work to appear more glamorous than reality. Her parents on their part have made a habit of pronouncing her successes to everyone and anyone that comes into their café. Knowing this and unable to disappoint them, Cassie carries on a ruse of trying to establish her own event coordinator business in Seashell Cove. Event coordination is not her forte-not even close. Her strength has always been in art which she forewent for, as her parents felt, a more lucrative career.

Finding and fighting here true path brings antics, angst and, ultimately, peace.

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