I loved this book about poor Rosie, dumped by her charming husband for another woman and left to pull herself and her baby son, Hammish, up from the ground where she has landed. Rosie is shaken to her core, unaware of her husband’s discretions and desire to leave them. She has no idea what she and Hammish will do but wanting to divorce herself from anything to do with Nick, she sells her valuable jewelry and home and moves to Lucknow where her overbearing older sister and husband live. Her sister is all about being accepted into the small community and a couple of unfortunate occurrences show Rosie in a dim light. Juliette, the sister, sets about to find a suitable suitor for Rosie in the local stud farmer, Hugo. Rosie is really taken by a man she met, Seamus, but he is not exactly the best way to go according to Juliette. Rosie is left trying to assuage her sister, make a go of it with Hugo all the while wishing Seamus was better than he is. There are some undercurrents between Hugo and Rosie’s boss/friend Eloise that puzzle Rosie and she doubts Hugo is the one for her.

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