Chestnut Springs


Brenda Maxwell loss a lucrative job in Los Angeles because of mistakes made on the day she learned of her father’s passing. There is no mercy from her boss and after six months of searching, no jobs either. She finds herself drawn to an unusual way of life: off the grid living on the East Coast. She finds a gem of a home in Chestnut Springs, WVA and a small town full of lovely people who become her friends. Heretofore, Brenda had lived a solitary life revolving around work only and a desire to move up in the business.

She meets the handsome, single sheriff and thinks she may have landed in the perfect place to thrive at last. Brenda learns about life off the grid through the internet, book, and hard experiences all the while finding the town to be endearing and caring. A huge blip in her existence might derail everything she has strove for and luck may be the one thing that can save her.

The book is a little slow in parts and quickens the pace in others. In all it is a wholesome book about life changes and how we can adapt to just about anything when the chance arises.

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