The House on Harbor Hill


This is a very moving novel revolving around spousal abuse and the affects it has on two women years apart in age but close in their horrifying experiences. The harshness, brutality and fear of Delilah Buford and Tracey Walters are hard to read yet alone picture and written in such a manner that portrays their reality and that the reader can comprehend the brutality as it happened or occurs.

Delilah has made her home, Harbor Hill, a sanctuary for women needing security and a chance to rebuild their lives. Delilah tends to one woman at a time, offering her support, kindness and understanding along with room and board at no cost. Tracey is a woman hiding out from her abusive husband, always on the run when he finds her.

The beauty of the novel is the relationships formed by Delilah, Tracey, Tracey’s two small children and Aiden. Aiden lived at Harbor Hill when he was a young boy and returned as an adult when his world imploded. They all find something that they need in each other: healing, comfort, acceptance, and love.

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