This I know

this I know

If you see this book at a bookstore, at a library, on Kindle or other sites, do not pass it by! It is a lovely, heart-touching, endearing, heart strings pulling novel about a young girl growing up while trying to fit into her family. She is often rejected or misunderstood. Grace has a gift of Knowing or clairvoyance that her pastor father cannot abide, her sisters poke fun at and others turn away from in fear. Grace is trying her best to deny her gift but it will not allow her to do this.

Along the way growing up, her gift brings her both joy and sadness. She experiences thing her gift does but cannot share them for fear of rejection by her father. He is entrenched in church thought that she is devil filled, even though she repeated states she is driven by God and by what is right, not evil.

My heart broke so many times as I read her deep struggles and hurts. Above it all, she’s a survivor

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