Lone Star Hero

lone star hero

This is a funny, feisty, thoroughly entertaining book! The dialog is so witty and oft times deep, the characters are crazy good and so engaging that you will be anxiously awaiting the next book in the Calamity Valley series.

Three remote Texas towns are under the threat of demolition by a huge development company. Hopeless, Surrender and Reckless were founded by three women in the late 1800’s and prospered until times changed. Only an infusion of tourism can save the dying towns. That is exactly the plan that Molly Mckillop has in mind. She is a descendent of the three founding mothers and prey to the curse their husbands put on all the Mckillop women.

She is determined to renovate the hacienda left to her and start a photography business based on the beauty of the surrounding area. Problem is, the hacienda was ruined years ago and needs an entire roof put on. She has no funds as her former fiancé absconded with all her money. Enter Saul Solomon, a man searching for peace and running from a crazy woman and a past full of familial hurt.

Their encounters are brilliant: witty, lively and so sparkling. Plus, there are her soothsayer grandmother and her hiding her gifts mother adding more spark to the story.

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