The Family Tabor


This is a haunting book about a family in which all the members are at odds with themselves at the same time. The adult children, Simon, Phoebe, and Camille are joining their parents in Palm Springs to celebrate their father’s achievement. Harry Tabor has been named Palm Springs’ Man of the Decade for his work to bring immigrant Jewish families to America and get them settled. Out of the blue, he begins to suffer from a pang of conscience about something he did in the past, a wrong he suddenly and desperately needs to right. Simon is struggling with an unknown void in his life that has driven sleep from his nights and is causing him to fill the void with running. Phoebe has a lucrative lawyer practice and longs for the elusive husband and family. Camille is so deep into a depression that she does not know where her life is headed. Trying to pull things together is Roma, wife and mother, a child psychologist faced with the troubling problems of her own children.

When Harry disappears, the cracks in the family open and each member must find a way to fill them and move ahead with life be it through truth or faith.

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