Second Chance at Two Love Lane

second chance

I loved it! The complexity of the characters, Hank and Ella, and of their relationship is superb. Each of their roads to finding what really matters and what deeply drives them is well executed and draws you into their unforgettable story.

It is for certain that I will be reading the other two books in the Two Love Lane series!

The Distance


Bouncing between the past and the present, Zoë Folbigg writes an engrossing story of love across distance and time, of lives meant to be together but held back by circumstances and an ocean’s expanse. This is an engaging story, characters are extremely well written and defined and the story works very well throughout the pages.

The Distance Between Us

distance between us

Missing communication, developing distance, misinterpretations and  mistakes drive this novel and mark the daily life of Tasha, mother of two, wife of eleven years. She feels disillusioned with her life, separated from her husband, Charlie, newly promoted in undercover police work. He cannot talk about his case and this drives a wedge further into the relationship. Enter Javier, handsome and attentive neighbor bringing with him the opportunity for disaster. Tasha falls into a onetime fling and her life implodes when Charlie finds out. The rest of the story revolves around their and the case Charlie is trying to solve.

The ending is crazy and totally unexpected!

A Year of Finding Happiness

a year of finding

This is a lovely and touching story of a man’s journey back to wholeness from the lingering grief caused by his fiancé’s untimely death. Greg McBradden suffers from nightmares of the loss of his love, Mairi, who died while climbing K2 and is dragged back into the memory by continued contact by her father on updates of belongings that are found a year later.

Greg finds himself drawn to Mallory Westerman, a recent resident of his town, and is fighting deeply embedded feelings of being a traitor to Mairi’s memory. Mallory who suffers from her own recent loss of her fiancé draws Greg out of his remorse into the light of life. Things do not run smoothly for them as they must find their path to a life together or fall apart.

The Sunflower Girl


WWII horror memories drive the mother of Anabella to harbor her throughout her life. Signora Ferraro, in her mind, is protecting Anabella from the pain of losing all of the people she will love. It all backfires when Anabella meets Dante, a painter who has dreamed of her and painted her over and over. Theirs is a love for the ages but she finds her mother cannot accept the r=new reality of not being the only person in her daughter’s life.

This is a heartfelt story of protection going past a livable boundary and of the journey of two women to find a new normalcy in their relationship.

Playing with Matches


This is a whirlwind novel about a young woman new to the matchmaker business that loses her love only to find another while working. However, he creates an insurmountable problem which, in turn, leads her to find out who she really is and what life holds for her.

Last Weekend of the Summer

Last Weekend

A family explosion all over the place with flying pieces and debris to sort out is the best way to describe this novel. It is well written, conveying all the emotions, petty and non-petty grievances and underlying resentments that the characters experience. It all happens concisely over one weekend after years of building when siblings Johnnie, Buddy, and CC and their mother, Mary, are invited with their families to their grandmother’s home. The arrival of their estranged father, Jake, begins the building of emotions to volcanic proportions until explosion is imminent.

Silent is the Magpie


This is a very compelling and moving book about a widow’s journey of self-discovery and of capturing the essence of herself outside the boundaries of wife, widow, mother, daughter, business woman.

Retreating for a yearlong escape from her ordinary, Jamie Barlow finds a new definition of herself in the mountain home she and her deceased husband own. Embracing nature and the beauty that surrounds her, Jamie embarks on a personal campaign to discover who she really is as an individual not defined by her roles. Along the way, she meets Jacob Kelly, a lost soul seeking meaning in a life that has lost it. Their relationship builds and grows as they learn from each other how to live in a world that has completely changed for them both.