Every Time You Go Away

every time

I have not read anything by Beth Harbison in quite a while and was delighted when I found Every Time You Go Away. I was not disappointed! It is a completely captivating story about a woman, Willa, struggling after her husband, Ben, dies and must, after three years, face preparing their beach home for sale. Her loss of vigor for life has affected her relationship with her teen son, Jamie, actually devastating each of them with the loss of how their relationship used to be.

The meat of the story is found in the ghost of her dead husband who visits her and talks to her at the beach house. He is there to pull her back into life and into an improved relationship with their son.

She is joined at the house by her best friend, Kristin, Kristin’s daughter, Kelsey and Jamie. As the summer and renovations progress, Willa finds there is life after Ben.