Adequate Yearly Progress


If you have ever worked in any business that always has some new program or idea that will improve, grow, better the situation/business, you will surely relate to this book. Even if you have not, you will engage with the story and the characters.

The trials of four teachers and a principal at Brae Hill Valley High School are told as the new and improved year progresses and impacts each of them. I liked that Ms. Elden included the characters’ lives outside the high school which gives them depth and connects them to their reactions to the newly instituted changes.

Having survived the same type of new program will improve productivity drudgery, I found myself cheering some teachers and cringing at others and at many situations described. I can totally get this book!

A Dad of His Own

a dad of his own

There are many engaging characters filling this story of a young widow, Anna Gordon, and her son, Freddie, coming to stay at a working castle in England. Freddie, age seven, is asking for a dad for Christmas and hopes to find one at Norbrook Castle. There are men working at the castle that could surly fit the bill: Simon, Luke and the estate manager, Julius. Anna is not looking for a husband over their four week stay but rather the freedom from her home in London and the chance to meet people. A town disaster tests everyone’s mettle and out of the mess romance may happen.

Maybe for You

Maybe for you

Lots of trouble can surely erupt when a guy falls in love with his best friend’s sister, including a punch in the mouth and some surly dialog. That is part of the story between Jake and Alexis when they fall into a relationship that they think will only be a temporary, two week thing.

I enjoyed this story about a woman needing some time away from her troubles and a guy who needs to change his playboy ways. Alex lost her fiancé a year ago when he was in an armed services accident. Jake works with her brother at their distillery as the media guru and PR guy but his philandering ways have finally caused trouble for the distillery. When Jake asks Alex to accompany him on a two week PR tour, neither one expects it to also be a romantic tour. The deal is supposed to be done when they return but love and fate have other ideas for them.



An unscrupulous lawyer, a devious plan and a murder combine to create a fast paced, excellent mystery for the law offices of Rosato and DiNunzio. The law office, comprised mainly of women and proud of it, is slapped with a reverse discrimination charge which cites comments by their sole male associate in the charge.

It is up to the crack team of lawyers to uncover the truth behind the allegations and the underlying associations connected to the charge along with solving the murder of their sole associate. Things are not always what they appear.

Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating

Josh and Hazel

I absolutely love the books I have read by Christina Lauren. The books are well written with fun plots that are out of the ordinary. This is true of Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating. Josh and Hazel are great, fun, complicated characters who do not see how perfect they are for each other because they are almost extreme opposites. They embark on a plan to find each other the perfect match but none of the blind double dates end up well and some are just hilarious. Some head knocking will have to happen if Josh and Hazel want to find the perfect match.

Finding Me

Finding Me

Three sisters are given the opportunity to change the courses of thie lives if they are willing to make the necessary adjustments to succeed in this enjoyable book. Sheena, Darcy and Regan all have imperfect lives. Sheena is a mother and wife feeling taken advantage of by her husband and two teenage children. Darcy is looking for her true calling. Regan has never landed anywhere for very long, flitting from aim to aim.

A deceased uncle leaves them a sight unseen hotel in Florida for them to turn around using their wits and unforeseen specialties. They have to stay there for one year or lose the hotel and their uncle’s sizeable inheritance.

Fugue: the Amnesia Story That Will Make You Forget All Other Amnesia Stories


I truly liked this story about a guy, Joe, working to get back the girl, Lena, he lost after a disastrous almost wedding. Joe and Lena are moments from saying  “I Do” when a completely ugly, oh my gosh, no way event caused Lena to turn and run from the altar. She trips, hits her head and forgets all about her wedding to and love for Joe.

Actually, it is good to have happened because both Joe and Lena have things they need to do for themselves-things that they would not have realized without the failed wedding. These are big things: grow up, get some direction, quit floundering through life. It reads as a totally relatable work in today’s world.

Single and Looking :Daisy

Single and looking

What a funny book Single and Looking: Daisy is! There’s a woman on the cusp of forty unmarried with no prospects, her meddling sisters and mother and a British accented talking cat (who can also read, write, use the computer and phone, not to mention a smoker and drinker, too!).

Daisy decides to take her sisters’ offers of blind dates to try to fins The One for her. The dates are a series of humorous (for the reader) disasters. Poor Daisy feels doomed to a life with only her crazy cat as her companion unless something happens to change it.



If you have never experienced reading novels by Catherine Coulter, you are definitely missing out. Her extensive library of books with FBI couple Sherlock and Savich are prime mystery reading, always with threads of several plots running through and weaving together.

In Paradox, a small lake town is rocked by a murder, bones are found in the depthe of the lake , and
Sherlock and Savich are on the search for the man threatening to kidnap their young son. A psycho is on the loose, wreaking havoc for everyone involved and being a slippery eel, too slippery to catch. Plus, a woman was murdered out on the lake and witnessed by the town’s sheriff. Are the two thing related or is there more to the story than appears?