Night of Miracles

night of miracles

Night of Miracles is a sweet novella that follows up after the novel The Story of Arthur Truluv.  The novel tells the story of several characters all interrelated and all touching the lives f the others. It describes the life of Lucille Howard after Arthur and her one true love have died. Her life goes on and at eighty-eight she is still full of zest as she teaches baking classes. Iris Winters has moved to the small town of Mason from her former life in Boston. On her first day in  town, she meets Tiny, a man way overweight and desperately in love with Monica. Jason,  Abby and Lincoln live next door to Lucille. They end up giving her more than she could ever imagine. As the days and months go by, the reader is shown how the actions of one can so affect the actions of others.

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