The Space Between

The space between

The Space Between Us is not an easy read but it is a very worthwhile one. It is a novel that is very hard to put down because the story is deeply engrossing and draws you into the turmoil that the main characters, Nora and Jascha, endure.

Nora and Jascha have always been there for each other but an ocean apart from being emotionally well to survive a relationship. Nora is reeling from the death of her husband from leukemia and Jascha’s family was killed in a car wreck that he still suffers emotionally from. The healing takes place for both of them as they separate intentionally to allow for it to happen, never losing sight of the love that awaits them when the healing is complete.

What’s Love Got to Do with It?

whats love

What’s Love Got to Do with It is such a cute and delightful book. There are a myriad of great characters that add to the mix and to the push me-pull you relationship that forms between journalist, Kayla, and town mayor, Greyson. A series of some completely hysterical scenes involving Kayla’s Aunt Jill will leave you laughing. Life in the tiny town of Heber Springs, Arkansas is about to liven up!

Gut Feeling

Gut Feeling

Gut Feeling is a cute book about doubting yourself, your feelings and your significant other. It moves at a comfortable enough pace that allows the reader to understand the why’s of the doubts and to hope for a happy ending.

The main female character, Ashleigh, stayed in London when her family moved to the US. Her reason for staying was to be with her boyfriend but he dumps her and leaves her devastated. Enter Dave who she meets when he comes to fix a window at her work. They hit it off but complications and misunderstandings mar the path to a whole relationship.

Fromage a Trois

Fromage a trois

Seeking a fresh start in her life, Ella leaves her home in Melbourne on an adventure in recapturing herself in Paris in this enjoyable novel. Ella faces life head on as she seeks a job and an apartment in the city. What she finds is a love interest and the best fromagerie in Paris. What she does not realize is that the fromagerie may also have the best love interest in the city, too. All the best and all the worst happen as Ella passes the year in the City of Lights.

Things We Never Said

Things we never said

Things We Never Said is a fascinating, tear evoking, heartfelt story that is hard to put down as you become more and more involved in it. Widowed Sean is left a box of pictures and voice message tapes from his just deceased wife. The contents of the box chronicle their lives, both together and apart. You read the happy, the sad and the hurtful of their relationship and marriage. As you continue, you see the grief process in Sean evolve as it plays out against his wife’s memories. This is a very touching and skillfully written book.

At the Wedding

At the Wedding

At the Wedding is such an engaging book loaded with quirky people, funny incidents, head trips, and perfect match-ups in personalities. Tons of stuff goes off the rails as six friends gather for a surprise (for the groom) wedding in Barcelona. The air is rife with personal doubts and quandaries. The only true things are the wedding venue and time. You can expect topsy-turvy decisions until the very end.

It All Comes Back to You

It all comes back

It All Comes Back to You is a totally captivating and engaging novel on several levels. The life of Violet Louise Thompson is seen through the eyes of Ronni who is writing Violet’s biography at Violet’s request with the telling of the actual stories by Violet.

Adding flavor to the story is the relationship building between Ronni and Rick which is tossed about on the waves of his ex-wife’s meddling.

Christmas in Evergreen

Christmas in evergreen

Christmas in Evergreen is yet another endearing novel by Nancy Naigle wrapping love and Christmas spirit in the hearts of two people struggling with decisions and with life. In the town of Evergreen in northern Vermont, Allie Shaw is preparing to change her life and move to Washington, DC. Her maybe again boyfriend, Spencer, lives in DC and is intent on them trying again. Allie is excited to move but torn at leaving the town that she loves so much. Ryan Bellamy lost his wife the year before and he is determined to make this Christmas so much better for his daughter, Zoe. When their plans (and Ella’s) turn south due to weather, both Ryan and Ella get the gift of a Christmas neither one could have seen coming. Cute and sweet story!

Dear Santa

Dear Santa

Dear Santa is the first book I have read by Nancy Naigle and I just loved the melody of the writing and the engaging story. It is love evolving in unsuspecting hearts wrapped within the Christmas holidays. Of course, love starts off on all the wrong footing as Angela Carson and Geoff Paisley find themselves on opposite sides of the retail business coin. She runs a small, family owned Christmas business on its last leg. He owns the new, major retailer, Christmas Galore, which has become the last straw in Angela’s business’s existence. Letters from Santa, written by Geoff become a big factor in Angela’s life-both business and love.

Chasing Shadows

chasing shadows

I loved this novel about a woman determined to strengthen herself after a horrible attack and to find the person who did it. Avery is a strong woman but her defenses were shattered after the attack, along with her nose. A chance meeting at a local bar after her Krav Maga class leads her to Liam. He is intrigued by Avery and becomes her fighting partner. As romance blooms, so does Avery’s memories of the attack and her determination to travel back to New York to the scene of her attack. She tells Liam nothing about her search leaving him to wonder about their relationship and her whereabouts. The ending will take you by surprise but melds well with the rest of the novel.